claudine Ulrich

Claudine Ulrich

Claudine likes to stage dance at places where you don’t necessarily expect it. She produced her first vertical dance performance in 2006. Claudine preferably tilts the floor 90°, playing with the surrealistic situation that emerges. She grew up in Switzerland, where she was part of the Swiss national team of rhythmic gymnastics. Since then Claudine has worked in several projects as a dancer, choreographer, rehearsal director and teacher.
She is as well coaching flying persons for theater and other performances. Claudine has a diploma for advanced studies in Spatial Design.

Jens Friis Hansen

Jens Friis Hansen

Composer, voice-, sound & performing artist, writer, producer, choir conductor and teacher with a love of contemporary gesamtkunstwerk. He writes, produces and takes part in bigger and smaller productions, composes for movies and dance. Since 2013 he lives at Gotland, teaching young people and adults. Educated at Gotland School of Music Composition, Dartington College of Arts and Malmö Academy of Music.

Mayte Vaos 

Choreographer, performer and facilitator. Specialized in contemporary performance and Butoh dance. Mayte Vaos is a creator of experimental performances with interest in searching the interactions between dance, live art, new media, cognitive science, site-specific and collaborations with interdisciplinary artists. She has developed a personal and distinct aesthetic and her creation challenges any labeling or categorization. Mayte Vaos has a degree in clinical psychology and a master in research in cognitive science and neuropsychology.