SALT - a site specific dance project
Claudine is researching for the project SALT, a collaboration between the dance company of the theater Lucern and local freelancing choreographers: Emma Ribbing, I-Fen Lin, Dana Iova-Koga, Claudine Ulrich
The project is supported by Reso.
Premiere: May 30 2020 at Zeughaus Luzern
Luzerner Theater (new window opens)

Short Dance Peaces

For the international day of the dance 19,  Claudine creates a short performance together with Regula Bühler and Simon Iten: wollellow

place: Neubad Luzern / Switzerland
day: mai 2,  8-9.45 PM

Other choreographers at Short Dance Pieces: Luca Signoretti / Beatrice im Obersteg / Daniela Fischer / Bettina Zumstein&Bary el Barazangi / Karin Dähler / Shinichi Iova Koga 

Fundation Albert Koechlins will start their new cultural project the other time  (Die andere Zeit) in april. At the opening, Claudine will show an adapted version of her solo Cirrus. 

place: NF49, Seetalplatz Emmenbrücke
day: april 16 (closed event)
Albert Koechlin Stiftung (new window will open)
Die andere Zeit (new window will open)

Claudine is one of the chosen artists for the koncept 'Blind Date' at the exposition room Gepäckausgabe in Switzerland. In collaboration with Gianin Konrad she will stage the entire room of Gepäckausgabe, working on it from 23th of June until 6th of July. 

place:             Güterschuppen Glarus, at the railway station Glarus/Switzerland
vernissage:    July 6, 2019. The work will stay for two weeks.
Gepäckausgabe (new window will open)
Gianin Konrad (new window will open)


The Project Room X is now supported by the swedish association Riktsteatern Sverige.
15 embodied installations melting together, merging to a huge whole work, ROOM X. The project will perform at the cultural night in Landskrona/Sweden.
Claudine participated with her new interactive work I’ll be there. - a physical comment on judgement and trust.

12th october 18 from 6 - 9.30PM at Landskrona Theatre
Impressions from the premiere:
Photos: Graham Adey



Claudine has been guest dancer at Neubad for Regula Bühlers multiperformance (without)water(no)life with musik, videoprojections, light, text and movement.

collaborating artists: Vera Blättler, Ralph Kühne, This Grossmann, Gabriel Ammon, Dawn Nilo, Marc Unternährer, Raphael Loher, Sabina Oehninger, Pablo Stalder, Christoph Rohrer, Jadwiga Kowalska


Claudine is dancing for Tina Mantels new creation ‚Miss Stähli goes by‘

Premiere: November 17th, Theater am Gleis, Winterthur
Further performances:
Januari 31th, 2018 Theaterpavillon, Luzern 
April 3-6th, 2018 Rote Fabrik, Zürich
Maj 25th 2018, Kultur-Hof Schloss Köniz/Bern

Trailer (new window will open)



Claudine Ulrich and Miguel Cortes are staging the closure of the cultural night in Landskrona the 13th of october. Kent Olofsson is composing the music for that sitespecific event, and dancer Maria Naidu compleates the artistic team. Different artists from Landskrona contribute to a big scale performance.  Production: Flytande Galleriet

place: LandskronaTheater /SWE, in the parc
time:  13th october 10 PM
length: 20 minutes
9 november 7 PM
10 november 4 PM at Theatre Visby/Sweden:
Ich muss mal raus aus meiner Haut - 4 works with Claudine Ulrich and Jens Friis-Hansen
Tickets: Länsteatern Visby (new window will open)
The Project got support by Albert Koechlin Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, FUKA Fonds, Migros Kulturprozent, Kulturstöd Malmö, Kultur Skåne, Landskrona Teatern, Barnens Scen, Region Gotland
What I lost is weight: Performance mit Videoprojektion
Dance among the stars: Tanz
Oropendola: vertikales Tanz- Musik- Textwerk
It happens because of us: a 1:1 encounter between audience and dancer 
This work has weather pictures or videos. For more informations please contact claudine(at)



Claudine performs at Malmoe Festival, No Limits and in Uppsala

august 11:         2, 5 7 PM with a variation of her solo Oropendola at Malmoe Festival, Gustav Adolfs Torg/Swe
september 2:     6 PM at Uppsala with Oropendola, solo version at the jubilee of the congress- and concert centrum/Swe
september 3:     It happens because of us at Dansfiket  in Uppsala/Swe (information will follow)
september 9:     11am and 3pm with a climbing dance solo at No Limits, Borås/Swe
Info Malmö Festivalen here (new window will open)
Info UKK Uppsala here (new window will open)
Info No Limits here (new window will open)

Claudine is collaborating with Spielart for the College Alpenquai's spring theater performance. The shows are in Lucerne/CH, 13/14th of may 17 at 7PM.

The students will show parts of "Hasse Karlsson" by Henning Mankell, " Frühlingserwachen" by Frank Wedekind/ Nuran Calis and "Romeo and Juliette" by William Shakespeare.

More informations hère. (new window will open)


In her solo work It happens because of us, Claudine explores how dance can be created and experienced through reduced visual exposure. Members of the Association for the visually impaired Skåne accompany her in the process. The 25th of march, Claudine will deliver a work-in-progress performance at Dansstationen Malmoe, Sweden.

Information about Day of the theater here. (new window will open)
Association for visually impaired Skåne here.(new window will open)
More information about the project to be announced  soon.

Claudine is invited to contribute to Galerie Leewassers performanceday. She will show up at unpredictible places during the afternoon and evening.

place: Galerie Leewasser, Eisengasse 8, 6440 Brunnen
date: december 10th,  3pm  6pm  9pm
exibition: Janine Schranz
further information here
Excerpts of the performances:

What happens if art and dance do a fusion? Alfons Bürger and Claudine Ulrich did a spontaneous experiment at the art gallery Meier in Arth-Goldau, and they would like to share the result with all interested people the 23 of october at 5PM.

lenght: about 30 Minuten, after the performance the artist invite for talk
entrence free


Installation on Kultturm Brunnen , by Claudine Ulrich



Yesterday Claudine moved out of her beloved rehearsal space Kultturm to the new one, Hall 37 of Nova Brunnen.

enjoying a last time the view on Mythen ...
last look at the space...
down the stairs...
byebye Kultturm...
Hello Hall 37! :)

Claudine is teaching and choreographing children and young adults 3-7th of october in Sornetan, Switzerland. More information about the organisation Coordination Jeune Public here. (new window will open)


Claudine is coaching the flying artists for the theater performance Robinsons Resa at Helsingborgs Stadsteatern, Sweden. Premiere will be the 9th of september 16. More information about the  performance here. (a new window will open)

First rehearsals together with the dancers - and a bit more than two weeks to the premiere!

First rehearsals on stage.
Today we have premiere!
picture: right before a run through, Liza is checking the scenography 
Claudine will dance in the performance 'Den Röda Tråden', a work about fears and courage.
Organisation:      Drömmarnas Hus
Premiere:           2016 June 18, 3 and 6 PM
Performances:            June 19, 3 and 6 PM
                                 June 20, 6 PM
                                 June 21, 2 and 6 PM
Place:                Vänskapsparken, Rosengård, Malmoe/Sweden
Info: Drömmarnas Hus (new window will open)
first try out of the costume :)
Claudine Ulrich has started a Collaboration with Spielart.
During spring she will choreograph Tendrjakows 'The Night After Graduation' for the theater project of the college Alpenquai. 
Place:          Aula Gymnasium Alpenquai, Lucerne, Switzerland
Date:           22. 23. and 29. 30. April 2016
Director:      Aneke Wehberg-Herrmann, (new window will open)


Claudine did tests for her upcoming installation/performance Oropendola. Jana Schlötke took the first pictures. More fotos here.


Dominique Cardito and Claudine Ulrich show Spiegel legeipS during a service with the theme 'du bist angesehen' ('you are seen' or 'you are esteemed') with Philippe Roth.

Date:    1th november 2015
Place:   Münsterkirche, Rittergasse 3, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Trailer and info about Spiegel legeipS here.

The short film hautnah is Claudine's diploma project for the DAS Spatial Design, produced with the help of Andrea Maria Mirabile and Christoph Löhr. The skin is the first or the last layer separing us visually from our environment. The skin is membrane, mediator and a system of communication of high sensibility. She embraces the human being, baering its live traces. Itself a 'space between', she is in direct contact with the air, the physical space between two people. In hautnah we experience how a spectator and a dancer affect each other. The experience penetrates the skin - the space in between becomes activated and atmosphere changes. 

Video here. (new window opens)

Claudine teaches daily training in Basel, Switzerland, during week 42.

More information about Basel, Daily training here.

For the Spatial Design studies, Claudine Ulrich creates together with Jana Seregi and Marc Zürcher a modell, based on Stefan Zweigs Schachnovelle. Jana und Claudine had a crash course in building a model - Marc was our hero! Lightening as well was really fascinating new ground.

Presentation: 24th april

First try-out-pictures:







Within her studies in Spatial Design, Claudine Ulrich realized a music video together with

music theatre director Christine Cyris. It took about three days from idea to realization,

and we learned how to take quick decisions...