Music- and aerial dance performance, created for big spaces

Together with the light designer Ueli von Burg, the two groups create giant colourful pictures, casting a spell over the audience.
Sardine Sauvages dancers dive silently in RUSCONI’s mountains of sound. The mysterious height beckons musicians in the air, dancers are magnetised by the deep. Boundaries between musicians, instruments and dancers disappear time wise, and shadows play their own game.

duration: about 1 hour
concept: Claudine Ulrich, Stefan Rusconi
music: Fabian Gisler, Stefan Rusconi, Claudio Strüby
dance: Miguel Cortes, Ingrid Rosborg, Claudine Ulrich
light: Ueli von Burg
scenography: Astrid Hemer Nordenhake
costumes: Sara Vidas, Astrid Hemer Nordenhake

Sardine Sauvage in collaboration with Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival

supported by
Kulturrådet Sverige
Konstnärsnämnden Sverige
Kultur Skåne
Lantmännen Lantbruk Ystad
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